Date Event title What happens Purpose / significance Where in the lodge/where in the region Description for website
January 7th Genna - Ethiopian Christmas Special dinner at restaurant   Confernce Hall/Lodge  As Ethiopian Christians follow the Julian calendar that predates the Gregorian, they celebrate the birth of Christ in the first week of January.  Many mark the occasion by fasting on Christmas Eve and with traditional garb of thin white cotton sheets.  Guests are invited to celebrate the holiday at the Lodge with a special, family-style dinner.
January 19th Timket - Ethiopian Ephipany       This three day celebration commemorating Christ baptism in the River Jordan is one of the most important holiday in the Ethiopian Orthodox Christian calendar.  [missing description of how it's celebrated]
April 19th Fasika - Ethiopian Easter Special Dinner & Local Music & Dance  To advert Ethiopian Culture  Conference Hall Marks the death and ressurection of Jesus and the end of the longest period of fasting in Ethiopian Orthodox Christianity.  Guest are invited to celebrate Fasika with us with a special feast and performance of local music and dance.  
September 27th Meskel Harvesting, slaughtering (animals), feasting Represents finding of the holy cross for Orthodox Christians, time of abundance, new year for Southern people Conference Hall A 1,600 year-old tradition that commemorates the discovery of the cross upon which Jesus was crucified.  This holiday is the second most important in the Ethiopian calandar and serves as a the New Year for the Southern people.  [missing description of how it's celebrated at the Lodge]
12/13-15/2014 Thousand Star Music and Dance Festival Peformances from tribes Celebrate diversity of tribes Arba Minch Staduim next to the lodge This annual, four-day celebration of cultural diversity of attracts visitors from across the world to take in live music and traditional dance from southern Ethiopia and the north of Kenya.  It all takes place in the large university staduim a short walk from Paradise Lodge.
December 31st Paradise Lodge New Year's Bash Live music To bring in the new year Confernce Hall Ring in the new year at the lodge with live music and dancing in the [name of hall].  Past celebrations have had live performances from international sensations K'naan and Papa Smith and Ethiopian superstars Noro Noro and [another one].



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