What could you do with just one day in Arba Minch? What follows is our suggested literary for the perfect day in paradise.

7:30 am

Start the day off right with breakfast buffet at the Lodge, complete with fresh juice, pancakes and an omelet of your design. 


Take an arranged vehicle down the valley to the Fourty Springs. Locals believe that morning is when the springs' healing properties are most effective. Spot the baboons on your way out of the dense jungle.

10:00 am

Hop on a motor boat on Lake Chamo for the __ minute ride to the famous Crocodile Market to hang out with the crocs and hippos.

12:30 pm

Swing back to Paradise Lodge to grab lunch as you take in the view of Lake Chamo, Lake Abaya and the valley below.

1:30 pm

Take a vehicle up the mountain to the hard working village of Dorze. Pick up some local crafts and go behind the scenes with a tour of their traditional way of life.

3:00 pm

Come back to the lodge to cool off in the pool, get a massage or relax in the sauna.

6:30 pm

Dinner is waiting for you back at the restaurant. We usually serve a dinner buffet for our guests after a big day of taking in Arba Minch.

7:30 pm

Settle in for the night. You must be tired! Check your email on the free Wi-Fi, or hang back in the restaurant for conversation and drinks.

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